Electromagnetic Flowmeter
Electromagnetic flowmeters that measure the velocity of the fluid with the voltage generated by conductive liquid fluids (minimum 5µs / cm) as it passes through the magnetic field created by the coils.
Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter
It is a volume flow instrument that can be applied in pipe diameters between DN15 and DN6000 without requiring destruction in the measurement line, and can measure with 1% accuracy with sound wave.
Coriolis Mass Flowmeters
When the flow starts to pass, phase difference occurs between the vibration and the signals it creates, it is directly proportional to the mass flow through the tubes, the flow is compensated with the heat sensor placed on these tubes, and these products can also detect the fluid density.
Resistance Thermoelements and Thermocouples
Special production is made for each sector with the variable connection forms and physical structures required by the processes.
Pressure Sensors
Pressure transmitter with steel diaphragm; High durability and not being affected by ambient conditions thanks to its one-piece welded sealed body; very small compact design.